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The Decline and Fall of Practically Nobody
Now Featuring the Will Cuppy Fellowship of Question Answerers
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Inaugural question post!

OUR PANEL is now ready to entertain suggestions for explication. You may leave your history-queries in reply to this post; the post will be closed on NOON OF SATURDAY THE 16TH OF SEPTEMBER.

The Management
23rd-Aug-2006 03:29 am - Le FAQ
Frequently Asked, Yet Non-Historical, Questions

+ Is this thing for real?
Well, that depends on how you define real, doesn't it?

+ Who's Will Cuppy?
Will Cuppy (1884 - 1949) was an American humorist and journalist. His work is delicious, and deserves far more renown than it has. For our purposes, the most notable of his works is The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody, a humorous series of biographical sketches of assorted famous figures. We heartily endorse it.

+ Oo oo oo can I become a resident expert plz?
Perhaps, missy. Perhaps not. New members of the Will Cuppy Fellowship of Question Answerers will be added when and if we please. Don't call us – we'll call you.

If you are terribly eager to join our august ranks, the best way to do so is to be mature, clever, accurate and helpful in any discussions which might break out in the comments. Much like a Cubist painter, you have to paint many traditional pieces before anyone will take you seriously when you start drawing noses in the middle of mouths.

+ What the dickens! [insert opinion here] is complete balderdash! Take it down at once!
No. As our policies state: we are never wrong. Reality is merely mistaken.

+ I notice that you have not taken [such] or [thus] into account.
That's because MARXIST HISTORIANS do not concern us.

+ But I'm not satisfied.
Run along. Or post in the comments, because for land's sakes, that is what they exist for.
23rd-Aug-2006 03:19 am - Le Policies

This is probably the most important issue, so it goes on top. Every week a post will be put up by one of the mods wherein non-resident experts may ask whatever questions they have for the week, via that handy little link labelled "Ask An Academic" if you're on the main community page, "Post A New Comment" if you're on the entry itself.

We can make no promises that your questions will actually get an answer, but we'll do our best. If you really really want an answer, please feel free to reask it in the next week's thread, if no one has snatched it up yet. If one of the Resident Experts is working on an answer, they will respond to your question with a comment letting you know, and you should expect the answer within a week or so.

Please, for the love of all that is good and pure and not the Black Fallacies, don't take it too seriously if a Resident Expert makes fun of a question you ask. It doesn't mean it will go unanswered, or that we hate you - accusations of Young Turkdom are what fusty old academics do for a laugh.

You may find the current and all past question posts here. We don't really care if you reask questions, but isn't it more fun to be unique?


Only our resident experts are permitted to post, in order to make it easier for us to keep the pacing of the community under control. As such, we politely ask that guest commentators (i.e. - everyone who is not a resident expert) do not attempt to join the community, but instead put it on their watchlists. We promise the only things you'll be missing out on by not being able to actually join are some boring intrapersonnel posts. All questions and answers are entirely public.


We welcome your contributions, unless they expose us for the overeducatedly incorrect buffoons we are. And even in that case, we shall generally content ourselves to mean-spirited sneering and passive-aggressive nitpicking.

The following things are reserved for our resident experts only:

+ Starting OT comment threads;
+ Devolving into ad hominem or straw man attacks;
+ Propagating the Black Legend fallacies;
+ Being petty.

All guest commentators must aspire to a higher standard of maturity.

At all times remember: you are guests here, and may be blackballed from the institution if you annoy us enough. This is benign tyranny, not wild democracy, and the moderators can and will make up rules on the spot and apply them retroactively.


We are never inaccurate. Reality occasionally is. The Will Cuppy Fellowship of Question Answerers are not responsible for any duress you may experience due to a failure on reality's part to adequetely reflect the truth.
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